Size of small intestine of animals depends on

GK Question from CISF Exam 2020
GK Question: Tigers have a shorter small intestine compared to cows. The length of the small intestine differs in various animals depending on the
A> availability of water in their habitat
B> size of their mouth cavity.
C> kind of habitats where they live
D> kind of food they eat.
Answer: D> kind of food they eat.
Size of small intestine of animals depends on
Explanation: This question can be asked in multiple different ways in different exams like why the carnivores like tiger have shorter small intestine? Why carnivores have shorter small intestine? Why do the herbivores have longer whereas carnivores have a shorter small intestine describe the process of digestion of food in stomach in humans?
The answer to all of this question is just one concept. Herbivores like cows eat plants as part of their food and they eat good amount of plants in their one meal. Plants contain cellulose which requires a longer time for digestion in comparison of small quantity of flesh. Whereas on the other hand, tigers being the carnivores. They eat only meat and flesh which can be digested in a comparatively shorter period. Hence the small intestine of tiger is shorter than that of a cow's small intestine.

I hope now you can easily understand why this happens and why there is difference of size of small intestine in all animals and major factor that affect this size.

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